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Measuring and benchmarking your execution performace is becoming increasingly critical. To have access to all markets and assuring best execution in this fragmanted landscape will have significant impact on cost and profits. On this webpage you will learn how to trim your execution performance and why you can't afford to ignore to put focus on this.


Execution overview – The macro level

Compared to the micro level that we described earlier in “The micro level” document, macro is, as the word indicate execution on a higher level – and it is closer to where it all starts; the actual strategic decision to buy/sell.

What we refer to as the macro level of execution is the way we choose to execute in and out of investment positions – and is the focus of this document. Read more >>

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Execution overview – The micro level

It all starts with a decision to buy or sell. Depending of the size of the investment and the available liquidity – the execution objectives have to be selected. These objectives serve as inputs into the macro level of execution and typically involve dividing a big investment decision into smaller, more manageable parts. Each smaller part is then transmitted to an execution venue and will fight with all the other market orders in the order book. This is what we refer to as the micro level of execution and is the focus of this document. Read more >>


Neonet demonstrates superior trading performance using Smart Order Routing and extended market access

Applying the LiquidMetrix analytics toolset, a study was conducted by Neonet on trading in Nordic stocks. It verifies that the addition of SOR, together with access to multiple trading venues including MTFs, contributes to raising the overall execution quality, including a significant price improvement when compared to trading the primary exchange only. Read more >>

Shifting focus from cost to quality

This article by Jan Jonsson, Business Development at Neonet, discusses an inherent problem with the Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) concept that implies a strict focus on costs, when the real issue most often con-cerns execution quality, transparency and independency. We believe that the preoccu-pation with “cost only” is due to the lack of quantified, standardized measurement of the quality aspects of execution, as well as vested interests that preclude a neutral and trans-parent approach to analysis. Read more >>


Neonet’s execution quality

Neonet’s high quality execution services are a key differentiator that helps our clients get better results from their trading. In the brochures linked to below, you can see detailed results of howthe performance of Neonet’s Smart Order Router (SOR) was measured and benchmarked against European Best Bid and Offer (EBBO). Results reveal that Neonet’s SOR performs very favorably against this industry standard. Read more >>

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