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Access to the world's leading markets

Neonet offers direct access to all key trading venues. We are committed to constantly adding access to new markets and liquidity venues and to delivering fast, high quality and cost-efficient services.

Neonet offers trading on the following venues:

European Markets    
Aquis Exchange   BATS Chi-X Europe (BXE)
BATS Chi-X Europe (BXE)   BATS Chi-X Europe (CXE)
BATS Chi-X Europe (CXE)   NASDAQ Nordic@Mid
Bolsa de Madrid*   North Sea (Olso Bors)
Borsa Italiana   POSIT (ITG)
Deutsche Börse   Sigma X MTF
› Xetra   SmartPool (Euronext)
› Börse Frankfurt   Turquoise Block Discovery
Euronext   Turquoise Continuos & Uncross
› Amsterdam   UBS MTF
› Brussels   Xetra Midpoint (Deutsche Börse)
› Paris    Aktietorget
› Lisbon    Nordic Growth Market
Irish Stock Exchange*    Olso Bors
London Stock Exchange    SIX Swiss Exchange
NASDAQ Nordic Markets    Turquoise
(Including First North)    Wiener Börse*
› Copenhagen    
› Helsinki    
› Stockholm    
US Markets    
Aequitas NEO Exchange*   Aqua ATS**
Alpha Trading*  

BAML Instinct X**

BATS Exchange*   Barclays LX**
BATS Y Exchange*   BATS** (1)
Boston Stock Exchange*   BATS Y** (1)
Chicago Stock Exchange*   BIDS**
Chi-X Canada*   Citadel Connect**
CX2*   Citi ATD**
Direct Edge A*   Citi Cross**
Direct Edge X*   ConvergEx Millennium ATS**
Lynx ATS*   ConvergEx VortEx ATS**
NASDAQ*   CS Crossfinder**
NYSE*   CS LightPool**
NYSE ARCA*   DB Super-X**
Omega*   EDGX** (1)
OTC Bulletin Board*   Fidelity CrossStream**
Philadelphia Stock Exchange*   GS SIGMA-X**
Pink Sheets*   IEX**
Pure Trading - CNSX*   Instinet CBX**
Toronto Stock Exchange*   ITG POSIT**

TSX Venture Exchange*

  Jane Street**
BIDS Trading ATS*   KCG - Listed** (2)
Bloomberg Tradebook*   KCG - OTC** (2)
Fidelity CrossStream*   KCG Knight Link** (3)
Instinct X*   KCG Knight Match** (4)
Instinet CBX*   Level ATS**
KnightMatch*   Liquidnet H20**
LEVEL ATS*   MS Pool**
MatchNow*   Nasdaq**
Millennium ATS*   Nasdaq BX**
POSIT (ITG)*   Nasdaq PSX**
UBS Securities*   NYSE**
    NYSE MKT**
    PDQ ATS**
    Pulse BlockCross**
    UBS ATS**


*Accessed via local provider
** Accessed via KCG Electronic Trading

(1) - KCG Holdings Inc., the parent company of KCG Americas LLC, holds a minority ownership stake in BATS Global Markets. 
(2) - KCG Algos access KCG's market making unit for stop orders and OTCBB/Pink Sheet Securities. 
(3) - Knight Link is part of KCG's market making unit and is an electronic access point into KCG's deep off-exchange liquidity. 
(4) - Knight Match is an ATS operated by KCG that does not display orders and which matches orders on an anonymous basis.  
The above list is provided for informational purposes only and represents market centers where KCG Electronic Trading may route client orders. Not all clients or order types are eligible for routing to each venue. KCG may add or remove market centers at any time without prior notice and this list is not necessarily exhaustive. For further information or to discuss the specific routing of your orders, please contact your relationship manager. As of June 8, 2015.

Rules of execution venues
List of Specific Rules and Regulations of Execution Venues



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