System integration (FIX)

Neonet facilitates integration with proprietary systems

Neonet clients have the option of integrating their existing systems with Neonet's trading platform through the industry-standard FIX (Financial Information eXchange) protocol, provided that clients' systems are FIX compliant. This means that existing systems for order entry, trade reporting, portfolio management and risk analysis, etc. can continue to operate while Neonet’s services are added. Our service-based approach eliminates the need for implementing new systems and applications, allowing clients to trade and supervise their financial transactions with Neonet in real time. FIX integration increases efficiency in handling transactions, saves money and substantially improves performance.

FIX Connections with proprietary systems
Neonet supports clients with proprietary Order Management Systems (OMS) and execution platforms and will assist clients interested in connecting directly to our exchanges. Our experienced FIX Integration Group will work with our clients to arrange integration and testing and provide assistance with all connectivity issues. Access to Neonet functionality supported by FIX is limited only by the clients’ systems. Neonet's FIX protocol adaptation:

FIX 4.2 adaptation

For further information about Neonet's implementation of the Financial Information Exchange (FIX) protocol, please contact

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