On this page you will find Neonet articles for download.


  • Neonet Trading in Infront

  • Measuring Best Execution: There is More Than Meets the Eye

  • Industry profile interview with Tim Wildenberg

  • The Trade 100

  • Intraday auctions - Are your algorithms ready for them?

  • Algo advert in the TRADE

  • Why dark is brighter than grey

  • Bid Offer Dark Pools - a Free Lunch? - A LiquidMetrix white paper

  • Why transparency is more important than forcing 500 ms resting time on orders

  • Are all SORs created equal - How SORs hunt dark liquidity

  • A strategic view of execution

  • Fine details sweeping consequences - The Micro Level of Execution

  • Equity execution services evolve to match urgent needs of sell-side firms

  • Maximum Return, Minimum Impact

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